Maxi Key Mobile Phone

Big button mobile with very clear screen, the Maxi Key Mobile Phone is great for those who want a simple, easy to use phone without many fancy, and unnecessary extras.

Even though the phone is small, the buttons are big and clear and great for those who don’t have great eye sight.

Maxi-Key Mobile Phone

Coming in a choice of either black or red, this phone also boasts a talking clock so you’re never unaware of what time of day it is.

We foiund this to be a really impressive, yet very basic, big button mobile phone but that is what the majority of customers are looking for in this market anyway! You can’t go wrong with this Maxi Key phone.

Main Features:

  • Speed dial with 10 number feature
  • Weighs just over 70 grams
  • Built In SOS Panic Button Key
  • Non-slip padding
  • Compact yet sturdy exterior – only 10 cm in height
  • Up to 120 hours stand by battery power
  • Hands free function – with very loud speaker
  • Emergency number feature to contact your nearest and dearest when most in need
  • This big button mobile phone comes in red or black colour choices
  • Flashlight and torch built in
  • Radio function available
  • Talk time of up to 5 hours
  • Any sim card can be used in this mobile
  • Comes complete with charger and battery

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